"God is great, our movement is like Hussein, our leader is Khomeini"
الله اکبر٬ نهضت ما حسینی٬ رهبر ما خمینی

In 1976, I – Annabelle, a British woman – moved to Iran with my Iranian husband Ali.

We lived and worked in Tehran where we enjoyed a wide circle of cosmopolitan friends of many nationalities.

A happy snapper, I took a lot of photographs which provide an interesting record of a unique period  – 1978-1979 – when a population mobilised into revolution. There are an especially large number of images of women who played a significant role in the political mobilization.

Forty years on, I hope these images serve as a reminder of how the Iranian Revolution happened and what an important process it was, with enormous impact inside the country and outside.  These images might also help make Iranians seem a little more familiar to Western eyes

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Sara and me at the tomb of Ferdowsi, Tus, Mashad
Sara and me at the tomb of Ferdowsi, Tus, Mashad